Important News & Annoucements
  • DeadZ: Survival is Hope is now OPEN & FREE!

    Registrations are now open for anyone to sign up and play - for FREE! This has been an awesome adventure, with you, the community, shaping our ideas and making something we both want to see. We'd like to give special thanks to our forum moderators and feedback groups for both keeping us informed and listening to the community.

  • Public Test Client Coming soon!

    We're getting ready to prepare a test client for everyone to try out our basic features and give feedback. We hope to have a public test client downloadable in the next 24-48 hours for you all. More information, when available, will be posted Facebook and the RivalsGaming forums.

  • Don't forget to follow our facebook page!

    We try to keep you all up to date with regards to development, Follow our facebook page for instant notifications.

  • Cities

    Travel at day may be safe.. but safe from what?

  • Vast Exploring

    No areas are untouched by the undead, help man kind fight the infected. Become a Legend!

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